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Operational Management involves an integrated approach.

Successful promotions involve an integrated approach incorporating Compliance, Security and Logistic tasks. We see promotions in their totality – integrated, complete and properly managed. We don't support a piecemeal approach which takes a few services and cobbles them together (e.g. Terms & Conditions and Data Analysis) believing we have the foundation for a successful promotion.

Operational Management involves a managed approach.

Because of the complexity of promotions (involving many diverse tasks), somebody needs to know what makes up the complete promotion, how the components integrate, and how to manage them effectively. We use specially developed Project Management and Knowledge Base software to run every single promotion.

Enable Promotional Marketing provides a complete service.

No matter what promotional type, or mechanic required, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure the delivery of a fair and honest promotion, on-time and within budget, which meets ROI expectations, and protects and enhances your brand's value.

We can support your promotion no matter the type or mechanics used.

Type Mechanic
Price Promotions Coupons
Multi Buys
Extra Free
Linked Promotions Linked Promotion
Giveaway Promotions Delayed Application Offers
Point Collectors
Instant In/On Pack
Banded Pack
Reward & Gift
Prize Promotions Skill Based Skill/Competition
Chance Prize Draw
Instant Win
Support Vote/Recruit
Cause Driven Promotions Donate

We would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you as your Operational Management Partner, helping you achieve optimum ROI on your promotional spend & enhancing brand value.

While we favour an integrated, complete and managed approach and not a piecemeal approach, we acknowledge there are still piecemeal requirements. Consequently, we list our major services separately below. Top of the list is Project Management – our complete and managed service.

Project Management

project managed & linked to an extensive knowledge-base

Promotional security

from site audits to prize handling, traceability, verification, and more

Terms and conditions

industry, legal, as well as morally and ethically compliant

Data analysis

ensuring digital promotions are safe and fraud free

Unique & random codes

creation plus delivery, management and analysis

Prize selection & seeding

fair, honest, safe and secure

Judges and observers

independent and professional

Social media

control, monitoring and advice


a large range of auditing services associated with ensuring promotional activities are conducted efficiently, securely and with full accountability. These include such services as:-

Factory and manufacturing processes

Process planning and report compiling

Process integrity audits

Quality control and sampling

Print and production process

Security printing

Distribution centre, warehousing and other storage facilities

Digital systems and configurations

Testing and verifying

Code and code handling audits

Data and data handling audits

Social media platform audits


These are additional services which we offer our clients so that they can run efficient & successful promotions.

Prize Fulfilment Software

Fully integrated, secure and robust management tool.

Secure Digital Code Print

Complete digital traceability of unique codes, including visual verification.

On-Line Judging Tool

Complete flexibility and security, together with ease of use.

Adaptable Survey Tool

Flexible, field research tool.

Winning Moment & Algorithm

Easy to use API.

Social Media

Control and monitoring.


Nobody would question the importance of Creativity in a promotion. However, Creativity is only part of the picture

The success of a promotion depends equally on how well it's implemented. That's the role of Operational Management – to implement promotions faultlessly. Creativity and Operational Management are the two sides of the Promotional Coin; both equally important.

Operational Management Overview

  • It involves an integrated approach. Its three major components, Compliance, Security and Logistics are integrated. You cannot do one without the others.
  • It must be run in a managed environment, utilising specially adapted Project Management and integrated Knowledge Base software.
  • The processes and procedures comprising the discipline need to be fully understood to minimise risk (both financial and reputational) and achieve optimum ROI.
  • Because implementation is so important, it cannot be left to inexperienced personnel without the knowledge, experience or correct tools.

Why Use Us

24 Years Experience

We've been in the business for the past 24 years and have vast experience and knowledge. No other service provider has the same wealth and depth of experience we have.

One-Step Ahead

While having innovatively lead this field for the past 24 years, we are continuously changing and improving what we do, always remaining one-step ahead at all times.

Highest of Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards, and on-time delivery, which is why we believe our clients loyally support us and why our client retention rate is exceptionally high and second to none.

On-site Audit and Research

We have visited production plants, distribution centres, outlets, Head Offices or agencies and financial institutions.

We Always Put You First

Most importantly, we place you at the centre of what we do. Without you the client, we have no business. We go more than the extra mile to help. We don't care how far we have to go. Keeping customers happy is what we do.

World Leading Brands

We have worked with most of the world's leading agencies and brands in the FMCG, Retail outlets, Restaurants, Cinemas, Music, Beers and alcoholic drinks, Chocolates, Banks, Lottery companies, as well as many other sectors.

Expert Assistance

We have assisted in numerous coding mechanics, physical seeding discretely of high value winners, auditing processes, instigating random allocation via web, mobile or social media and carrying out numerous judging and independent selections of winners.

Making Your Life Easier

While our core focus is Operational Management, we realise there are other promotion related services that you need, such as Prize Fulfilment Software, Adaptable Survey Tools, Secure Digital Code printing, Winning Moment and Algorithm Tools, On-Line Judging Tool etc, which we provide, to make your life easier.

Great People, Great Business

At the heart of our business lie great people, which make us great! These are bright, brainy and customer-focused people who we are very proud of. They are the reason we deliver top-quality services!

We work around the world, not just in the UK and Europe. We've worked on every continent and in many different countries, too numerous to mention.

Why Promotions
Go Wrong

There is a central theme as to why things go wrong in implementing promotions, and it stems from a lack of understanding of the complexities of the subject, and the rigorous management controls necessary to achieve a successful implementation.

Promotions today, whether digital or traditional, are more difficult to control, are global and long lasting (particularly adverse outcomes.) If anybody who is not versed in the principles of Operational Management is assigned these duties, they are going to make mistakes, because they simply don't have the knowledge on how to implement modern promotions.

As a brand or account manager are you prepared to risk a promotion's outcome through poor implementation, which could:-

  • Adversely affect your ROI
  • Substantially increasing financial & reputational risk, & cause
  • Possible brand devaluation?

Risks are high, and rewards are low - doing it in-house.

There is a strong business case to make using the services of the leading international Operational Management consultants and practitioners, who over the past 24 years have developed processes, procedures and systems to provide a rigorous management framework, guaranteed to deliver the best results.

This framework is built around Enable's Nine Point Checklist. On every project we ensure each area is checked from start to finish:

  • Planning
  • Developing
  • Documenting
  • Testing
  • Implementing
  • Controlling
  • Managing
  • Auditing
  • Evaluating

Turn risk into opportunity by using our services!


We achieve great things through great people – and we never forget it! That's why we provide the ideal work environment. Apply Now:

It's a challenging environment as we don't expect to be the same today as we will be tomorrow.

Not to worry, we will support you as you learn, grow and progress towards fulfilling your dreams.

We also put our clients first. So if you have a client-focused approach, then you have one of the essential ingredients to become an ENABLER.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented people. We have opportunities for highly qualified people and those just starting out on their careers. Opportunities exist for Project Managers, Data Analysts, Programmers, Administrative staff, Sales & Marketing personnel, just to name a few of the roles.

Alternatively please tell us why you think you'll make a good Enabler, along with your CV to jobs@enablepm.com

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